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A Man Who Was Charged For Raping A Teen Pleads To Felony In New Orleans

A man from New Orleans who was charged for raping a minor pleads to face charges. He said he didn’t want to be registered as a sex offender.

Man Pleads Guilty For Rape

Gregory Dunning, 41, has allegedly raped a 16year old minor in  3900 blocks of Tulane Avenue. He did this in a hotel room in that region. The victim girl told me that Dunning initially drugged her. Then she was raped. Louisiana State Police troopers said that the girl was in bad condition when she filed a complaint. Soon after, the convict was arrested and charged for rape by the troopers.

In a recent interview with Defense attorney Eusi Phillips, he said that Dunning didn’t want to do it. He has already served one year in prison and is sorry for the deeds.

Man’s Records To Be Clean 

Gregory pleaded that he was the convict for this case. He said he didn’t want to drag it long. He knew he had done a mistake. After pleading guilty Gregory asked the court to keep his record clean as he was registered for second-degree rape

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Soon after the judges decided not to amend him for his charge from second-degree rape. According to Defense attorney Eusi Phillips, he and his clients are happy after this decision. A spokesman from the both said that his charges were reduced because of new evidence that was found out by the officials.

They said that this was the best thing that could happen. He also said that we all know that he did a crime, but he wasn’t unaware of the consequences. Several people showed their disregard for this judgment by the court. Many tweets were made after the hearing of the rape case. The name of the girl isn’t brought out yet for privacy issues.

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