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A Dad Of 31-Year-Old Shot The School Bus In Anger And Remains In The Custody With A Cash Bond Of $100,00

Initialization Of The Case

A father has been arrested after he allegedly stormed onto a secondary school bus with a loaded pistol and threatened everybody on board.

Christian Goodson, 31, of Berkeley, was charged Wednesday with two counts of unlawful use of a weapon and 7 counts of endangering the welfare of a toddler , along side misdemeanor property damage and assault counts.

Goodson is pictured in an old social media snap. He is currently being held on a $100,000 cash bond

Goodson’s sixth-grade daughter was reportedly involved during a fight with other girls while they waited at the varsity stop . some of the scuffle was caught on camera phone footage.

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When the bus arrived, her father, who had received the scene, tried to also get on the bus.

According To St Louis,

According to The St Louis Post-Dispatch, the scholars hopped on the bus, but the driving force wouldn’t let Goodson on board.

The father is claimed to possess became angry and used a pistol to interrupt the glass on the varsity bus door.

Fearing that Goodson would start shooting, a neighborhood employee opened the door and let him on to the bus.

According to court documents, the irate father pointed the pistol at everyone on the varsity bus, before he pushed the driving force and yelled: ‘You got what you wanted!’

The students then ran to the rear of the bus, and Goodson took his two children and left.

The bus carried nine students, a replacement busman , a veteran driver who was mentoring the new one, and another staffer who was riding as a bus monitor due to previous disruptions and fights on the bus.

Berkeley captain Art Jackson said officers arrested Goodson later at his home and recovered the loaded pistol.

Statement Of The Officers

The officers said Johnson who was also took the other parents and students into custody but provided no details.

The principal who was named as Tangie Francwar, of the Johnson-Wabash Sixth Grade Center, said during a letter to oldsters that the daddy was on the bus for 37 seconds.

he had encouraged the students to fight, although the police summarizes that doesn’t mention there. Nobody was hurt.

Till now, Goodson remains in the custody of the city cops with a cash bond set at $100,000.

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