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Uber Driver Live Streamed On Facebook By The Passengers For Allegedly “Kidnapping” Them While Chasing Another Driver

The story is from Virginia, where an Uber driver was arrested for recklessly chasing a car after the car hit his car and didn’t allow the passengers to leave the vehicle. The 38-year-old man has been identified as Olufemi S. Olomola. He is the police custody and has been charged with two counts of abduction, reckless driving and felony hit and run. The entire incident was live-streamed on Facebook by the passengers John Murray and his wife Tameka Swann.

Murray And Swann Pled The Driver To Stop The Car And Let Them Go

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The incident happened on Monday night. Murray and Swann had booked a ride by the Uber app and were heading out for dinner. Olomola came outside their home to pick them up and drop them to their dinner location. A few blocks away from the passenger’s house, another driver had rear-ended the Uber ride.

Murray told the sources that at first, she thought they were only going to pull over and the drivers will exchange information and that’ll be all. But he didn’t know that their uber driver was going to chase the car. He said the driver was really fast with his driving.

Soon after the driver started to chase the other driver, Murray went live on Facebook and streamed the entire incident. In the video uploaded on Facebook, the driver was first calm and going slow. Both Murray and his Swann were heard talking about the accident.

The driver gave his phone to Swann to talk to 911. The driver began to fasten his driving speed. He was seen breaking traffic rules by crossing red lights and stop signs.

The couple was heard pleading the driver to stop the car and let them go. Murray told the driver that they have four kids, he can’t ride like that and they need to get out of the car.

“I can’t let this guy go,” the driver responded.

During the video, 911 was telling the driver to stop the chase but he didn’t listen.

“He kept going, he kept going. That was the scariest moment of my life,” said Swann.

Eventually, the driver stopped the car and let the couple out of the car.

Uber’s Statement On The Issue 

While talking to the sources, Uber acknowledged that the driver’s behaviour was reckless and concerning. They said that he has been denied access to the Uber app. They have contacted the driver and are ready to assist the legal proceedings.

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