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Tales Of Japanese Ghosts And Brazilian Witchcraft, What Else Can Spectros Offer This February On Netflix

Netflix is now not only limited to America or just English language content. Spectros is now making waves all around and all thanks to Netflix. A Brazilian show with the Portuguese language, showing in and out of Japan and Brazil.

The Futuristic Plot

It is a fantasy and thriller show but it can and will offer something more. As it will follow an undercover world of witchcraft. A group of teenagers gets unintentionally involved in a conflict between the superiority of Japanese ghosts or Brazilian magic. Its trailer was widely enjoyed by all the age groups and it shows promise but still, the cheap VFX makes you queasy.

The plot would hover around the past and the future, showing some of the cultures and deep trenched supernatural world. Anyone up for a popcorn show, with nothing much to think about, would ultimately love this show. Plus, 70% of Netflix users in India love this kind of shows, rather than watching something substantial.


The Big Cast With Teens, Tweens, And Everything In Between

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It has a big cast as the story focuses on two different countries but is still originated in Brazil. The cast includes some fresh faces and some from the indie movies or little-known shows.

We have Enzo Barone, a little-known face in Brazilian cinema, notable works- ‘A Gaorta Da Moto’ and ‘Nothing to Lose’. Next, there is Pedro Carvalho, also a Brazilian actress and has done work in two movies. Her ‘Devil lives here’ was widely appreciated in Brazil and around the world. She would play ‘Zeca’ in Spectros.

Other than them, there is Danilo Mesquita, Claudia Okuno, and Mariana Sena. Right now, the cast is limited but as the show launches, there would be more revelations. Still, it looks promising with new faces.

It is scheduled to release on 20 February 2020 with its powerful first season. All the episodes would be available on that day and ready for binge-watching. Get your popcorns and drinks ready for that day. Because it will be nothing but a ‘popcorn-muncher’.

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