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South Africa’s First Collaboration With Netflix, ‘Queen Sono’ Would Be An Action-Packed Ride; What To Expect?

Netflix is welcoming shows and movies from every country and ethnicity. This has increased the credibility and even the profit stream for the platform. I am now bringing a South-African show about a badass queen.

The Secret Agent With Problems Of Her Own Too

So, a healthy life. Well, we all have problems in life, but we are not some spy. This Queen Sono is. The show follows the story of its namesake, ‘Queen Sono,’ who is seen fight crime and bad guys in cramped up streets of South Africa.

The usual Netflix users widely appreciated the trailer. It got half a million hits in just a week. Sono is a spy who is good at a lot of stuff, but being hidden is not one of her forte.

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A real African Original series on Netflix. She is a spy but also needs help as her personal life is more of a turmoil. She is deadly, reckless, and fierce.

The True Cast

Pearl Thusi, in the primary role of Queen Sono, looks good, appealing, and believable. Other than her, we have Kate Liquorish, a South African actress of British descent. Shane John Kruger is also there, a white male who we will see in the upcoming Vin Diesel movie ‘Bloodshot’ too. He is widely known as a stunt coordinator and has done stunt for ‘Bloodshot’ and ‘Chappie (2015)’.

There is also Natasha Loring, who has given her voices for many ‘Star Wars’ animations and video games.

The other members would be revealed once the first episode is released on Netflix on 28 February 2020. Coming in on the last day of the month is an action-packed thrill ride that would be loved and enjoyed by all. It feels more than a ‘popcorn-muncher’ and can introduce the typical users to some outer-country original series. We want it now, more than ever, when the shows are getting repetitive and filled with teenage/high school stuff.

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