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Pregnant Teen Indulges Herself In A Verbal Fight With Her Boyfriend, Gets Her Infant Killed During The Brawl

A pregnant teenager gets assaulted by his adult boyfriend while taking her to a nearby hospital.

Girl Friend Gets assaulted

A 21-year-old man allegedly assaulted his teenage girlfriend at age 19. The name of the couple hasn’t been brought out yet. The couple was having a happy relationship for some time. In this the girl got pregnant. They both decided to have his baby. The girl had  21 weeks old child inside her womb. According to the reports they both had a smooth life.

On Sunday the couple visited Condobolin District Hospital in NSW’s Central West. They had their regular check-up. After some time the girl got a bit unwell. So the adult decided to take her to a better hospital in Orange. They both drove to the destination. It is rumored that they both had verbal fights while traveling which resulted in physical assault. The man assaulted the girl several times. After which the girl’s health condition got worse and she was taken to the nearby hospital.

The child Could Have been Saved

The doctors told that they could have saved the child if they could bring her earlier. The reason for the infant’s death as she gave birth to a child in the car. They didn’t have better equipment. Otherwise, the baby would have lived. Soon after, a report was filed against the man.

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He was taken for domestic assault and killing a newborn baby. He was taken to Orange Police Station for trails. The man pleaded for being not guilty but the court rejected his bail. He has to show up at Orange Local Court later today. Several examinations and research are going on to find witnesses in this case. The girl pleaded to take this man in custody as he killed his child. Yet few things remain uncovered.


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