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Jared Leto’s ‘Morbius’ Expose New Collection Of Photos, Revealing The Other Spider-Man Easter Egg

After the death of Tony Stark in the “Avengers End game.” We all were left thinking about what he had seen in spider-man. What made him think that spider-man can take his plans further. Now, the Marvel fans are awaited to know about the next sequel of the Spider-man, to know what would happen next.

Who Will Be The Villain In Next Spider-Man Movie?

We are very sure that the hero in the next movie will be spider-man. But the villain is the most interesting part of the entire movie. Who would be the next villain? Well according to the latest updates. We have found out that this July 31, there will be a release of a spinoff movie by Sony, named Morbius.

The next movie will be Venom that will be released in August this year. The 3rd movie is planned to be released in July next year, which can be based on one of the spider-man movies that will feature Tom Holland.

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Marvel/Sony, have featured a lot of characters in the previous movies including the villains named, Vulture and Mysterio. The upcoming movie in the year 2021 could be that of the Sinister Six, that Sony had given a little hint about. The Sinister Six would include a group of six supervillains that would include both the villains that have featured in the previous spider-man movies.

Next Sequel Can Be The Continuation OF Spider-Verse:

The productions can launch their next movies that can be expected or unexpected. It may consist of sinister six or any other untold story of the spider-verse. The film can also launch another supervillain. Who is one of the most powerful competitors of spider-man named Krater the Hunter.

We cannot exactly predict what can be the next movie by marvel/Sony. But what we hear about the next movies can be rumored as well as can turn out to be true.

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