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Gannon Stauch Mysteriously Disappeared From His Home, Not Found Till Date

An 11-year-old boy vanished from his home after staying at home for being homesick.

Gannon Vanished In Thin Air

Gannon Stauch, an 11-year-old Colorado Springs boy, vanished from his home after staying homesick. On Jan, 27 he was sleeping in his house, and after a few hours, he wasn’t found. Reports confirmed that he was seen with his stepmom between 3 and 4 p.m. to walk to a friend’s house. He didn’t return home then.

Gannon’s father, Albert, an active-duty Army National Guardsman, came right back from duty after hearing the incident. His,birth mother Landen Hiott, who lives in South Carolina, arrived after the event. The El Paso County Sherriff’s Office soon started a search for this missing child. After three days, they converted the search from runaway to a missing child.

Police said it might be a case of kidnapping but haven’t yet found a suitable lead to this explanation.

Reports also said, Gannon, is a miracle child. When he was born, he was only 1 lb. 6 oz. Doctors said his chances of surviving were only 10 percent. He had disabilities, but still, no one cared as he escaped the problematic situation.

Boy Spotted By Many

Many volunteers had begun to search him on horsebacks covered Gannon’s Lorson Ranch neighborhood. Police have already got 100 tips on the missing child and are trying their best to find him. A mobile crime lab was parked outside the Stauch home for gathering information about him. The investigators are trying to find a massive amount of evidence.

People of the locality have put blue bulbs in their homes to guide him back to his home. They believe he is lost and doesn’t know his way back home. The Internet also flooded commenting about the missing child. Gannon’s parents have launched a video message on the internet describing their child.




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