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After Serving 25 Years In Prison Duo Walks Out, Proven Not Guilty By Court

Two men from CAMDEN, N.J, were taken out from prison after their charges for murder went down.

Served 25 Years In Prison

Kevin Baker and Sean Washington, These two men were residents of CAMDEN, N.J.They were alleged for a double murder which took place in Camden in the year 1995. They were sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to the duos, they didn’t commit the crime. Instead, they were wrongfully taken to custody by the officials. They said they were not present at the crime scene. They were taken into custody without any suitable proof. Numerous appeal attempts were made in 2011 to Seton Hall’s school of law.

Years before during their trials, they pleaded the same, but nothing went in their favor. We had nothing to do with the murder, the duo said. According to the officials, the case only had one eye witness. Attorney said that the witness itself confirmed that they were the convicts. Later it was known that she was under the influence of crack cocaine at the time of the incident. Washington and Baker even said they didn’t know each other at that time.

Washington and Baker Released 

After serving 25 years of quality time in jail they got released. They were at their 25s when they went to prison and came out in their 50s. They both share extraordinary and odd situation in prison. That’s what made them brothers. Washington’s mother prayed every day to bring her son out of that hell.

Finally, after their release, Washington and Baker were given a homecoming party saying, “welcome home,” welcome to 2020.”. They were stunned after seeing the technological advancements. They haven’t seen a computer during their time. The duo cant wait to get into new gadgets and kinds of stuff.

Eventually, they said that they didn’t know each other during that time, but now they are brothers.


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