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After A long Juggle With The Cops Man Booked For DUI And Smuggling Cocaine

Florida Man, High On spirits Booked After The Breathalyzer Test 

A supposed sozzled chauffeur in Florida to begin with deteriorated a Breathalyzer test, telling a second-in-command sheriff on Sunday, “You didn’t jerk me over, I dragged you over,” a statement said.

Juan Zamora, 63, gave the bewildering rejoinder after alternating his headlights at a Marion County Sheriff’s deputies squad car in Ocala to ask for guidelines to an auto parts store, an arrest report said.

The second-in-command stopped and smelled spirits coming as of Zamora as he started the interrogation. The driver, who had a 15-year-old passenger, also had inflamed eyes, the representative noted.

The Culprit Met The Record-Breaking Legal Limit Of Florida

Zamora ostensibly by your admission to downing two shots of bourbon earlier that day. When he to conclude took the Breathalyzer test, he messed up, recordkeeping above Florida’s 0.8 legal limits, the report said. Authorities later initiate a bottle of whiskey in his car and a snowy substance, which field-test constructive for cocaine, in Zamora’s shirt sleeve. He was charged with DUI and cocaine proprietorship.

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