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Still No Clues Found In Abduction Of Faye Swetlik,”We Are Trying Our Best” Police Chief Said

A 6-year-old girl Faye Swetlik went missing on Monday. Faye was not seen from Monday. She was alleged been kidnapped but no signs of kidnapping have been found.

Mystery kidnapping Of A Teenager

Faye Swetlik was a 6-year girl who went missing on Monday from  Cayce. Her parents gave me a missing report on that day. Surprisingly 24 hours have been passed on this case and no leads have been found yet.

It was a regular day said her parents. She went to school and didn’t return. The Lexington County Sheriff’s office said that she boarded her bus at 3:45 p.m. She then went missing then onwards. She was seen playing around her backyard, said few eyewitnesses.

Soon after her family released a statement. Saying she is a bubbly and happy girl. She isn’t someone to walk away. Her mother kept a vigilant watch at her every time. She is a smart girl. We just want her back badly.

Faye had blond hair and blue eyes. She was wearing polka dot boots and a black t-shirt with the word “Peace” printed in neon letters. here is a photo of her.

Still No Clues Found In Abduction Of Faye Swetlik,”We Are Trying Our Best” Police Chief Said

Still No Sign Of Faye

As of now, police haven’t found a solid lead on her. Chief of Police said they are constantly questioning neighbors. They are trying to look for security cameras footage on houses to find any leads.Cab drivers, workers are even questioned about her. Sgt. Evan Antley with the Cayce Department of Public Safety assured that they also want her back. They are trying every resource possible to find her. They also want her to return her home.

Police also said the child has a speech problem and a tethered tongue. She also has lactose intolerant. Anyone who gets a clue about her is free to call the Cayce Department of Public Safety at (803) 794-0456.

Still No Clues Found In Abduction Of Faye Swetlik,”We Are Trying Our Best” Police Chief Said

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