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Mother Goes An Extra Mile To Conceal Drugs, Tucks In Meth In Baby’s Diaper

Mothers are known as the guardian angels of their children. They take care of their children and protect them from any danger. But a mother in Florida did something really inhuman. The woman was arrested by the police as she had put drugs in her child’s diaper. Florida police found a baggie and drug paraphernalia that tested positive for methamphetamine in her baby’s diaper.

Framing Of Drug Trafficking Story

Jessie Nortan, 36 had come out with a baby in her arms when she came to know about a friend who had been pulled over for speeding and had a suspended license. She had come out with the intention to help.

The person to be pulled over has been identified as James Bayster, 44. According to police, he handed over a package or something to Norton when she had approached to help.

Items In Diaper Tested Positive For Meth

Upon introspection, the police found out that the content in the child’s diaper tested positive for meth. The police officials got all suspicious when they found a straw popping out of the child’s diaper. When they checked the diaper, they found out that the diaper housed a bag too. The content of these items tested positive for meth.

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Thus, the woman carrying the baby got in trouble after this. When police questioned Nortan about the contents of the diaper, Nortan confessed that’s he had been given the drug kit and she was trying to hide it in the diaper. She even confessed that she knew that Bayster was driving without a license.

Nortan and Bayster were taken into custody by Brevard County’s Sheriff’s Office. Norton has been charged with child and drug possession, while Bayster had been held for driving without a license.

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