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Amber Heard All Jolly On Instagram: Shares New Photos Amidst A Tug-Of-War With Ex, Johnny Depp

The infamous celebrity couple, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are making headlines again. The couple had split on a rough patch with one another in the year 2015. Since then their lives have not been normal. They have been prey to constant media attention and scrutiny. Now, this former trend has again resurfaced with much gusto.

‘Quick Sparkle Moment’

Recent news confirming Amber Heard, the star of ‘Aquaman’ as a victim of domestic violence had made headlines lately. She has claimed that her ex-husband, Johnny Depp used to abuse her. But now she has been confirmed as an abuser in her former relationship with Depp.

But amidst this chaos, she has posted a new photo on her public social media handle, Instagram. This post of hers has attracted much media attention lately. Her ‘quick sparkle moment’ photo led to this massive controversy. Many fans took to her comments to aired grievances against her. They blamed her for blackmailing Depp on the public forum.

Heard Accused As Abuser

In a recent development, the Aquaman star has been honed as the abuser. She is being disregarded as a liar. Depp’s fans are taking out their anger on her. They are calling her an abuser and an opportunist. After writing an op-ed regarding domestic violence and establishing Depp as an abuser, Heard had gained much popularity worldwide according to Depp’s fans.

As a result of which her post has been flooded with hate comments. This came after a leaked audio file of her therapy session between her and her ex-husband Johnny Depp. In the clip, the couple is trying to save their marriage with Heard admitting that she did hit Depp.

One of the followers on Instagram wrote, “She will be her own undoing. So narcissistic, she will never be happy.”

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