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Two Days After Fortifying The Minor Boy, Got Killed By The Exasperated Tormentor, In Texas

A simple protest against bully turned out to be a sin that was punished with death. Samuel Reynolds, a 16 years old teenager was shot dead by another teenager. The students of Arlington High School were astonished over this act of a teenager on another.

Who would feel safe to go to a school if murders are going on in the school? The foul name of the college in which the victim, as well as the suspect, where studying is a natural thing.

All About The Incident:

The murder was done on Thursday around 4:30 pm when Reynolds returned home to his apartment complex. The suspect and the victim were reported to stay at the same apartment as stated by the police. A few days before the murder, the victim had broken up a fight between a teenager who was between 13 to 15 years old and a young boy.

The teenager was trying to bully the younger one when the victim arrived and broke the bully.  Police have recovered CCTV footage in which it is visible that the suspect had followed the victim through his way, and after walking for some time, he took out a pistol from his rear pant pocket and shot the victim dead.

Investigation Is Unwrapping The Whole Crime:

When police caught him and interrogated about the incident, he first denied to admit that he had committed the murder,  but later after the footage clearly stated the act of the suspect,  he was proved guilty. The victim’s mother told that the victim was a calm and caring person, and she often told him to stay away from the suspect.

The family had the support of a lot of friends and relatives at this tremendous loss.  The suspect had been taken to the juvenile detention center, and he faces murder charges.  The juvenile court will decide the further actions that will be made on the suspect.

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