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Texas Officer Shot An Unarmed Man For Minor Traffic Violation, Family Said It Was “Intended”

A Texas police officer tried to flag down a car, but it didn’t stop. When it ended, the officer pulled the trigger and shot the man in the head. Now the family is claiming it was an “intended kill.”

Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Man

As per the reports, a 52-year-old Temple police officer, Carmen DeCruz has been arrested this Monday. He is charged with manslaughter charges for his involvement in the December 2 murder. The victim was identified as 28-year-old Michael Dean.

DeCruz had an altercation with Dean, after which he shot the man in the head. Reportedly, DeCruz was involved in a pursuit of Dean’s vehicle for a short duration. According to Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza, the situations led them to the charge of manslaughter. The Texas Rangers did the investigation, and the evidence supported the allegations.

The Body Cam 

DeCruz was allegedly in pursuit of Dean as he broke some minor traffic rules. But, Dean’s car didn’t stop immediately. The rules are if a police car is asking you to stop, you have to stay directly at the side of the road. This led to hot pursuit, but Dean eventually stopped his car at an intersection.

DeCruz was wearing a body cam, and in it, it was shown that DeCruz approached the vehicle with the gun drawn. He also had his finger on the trigger. DeCruz went on to reach in the car and tug the keys out.

Allegedly, DeCruz pulled back on the trigger, too, resulting in the gun shooting Dean in the head. DeCruz said it was an accident and issued life-saving measures to no avail.

Family’s Official Stand

Dean’s family was shocked and convinced that what happened was not an accident. After DeCruz’s arrest, their family attorney issued a statement claiming that the officer “intended” to kill Dean.

The lawyer said Dean was shot in the temple through a closed door seconds after he was being pulled. He said the violation was also a minor one and if Dean would have been arrested, it is likely that he would have only received evading arrest charges. But, the officer stopped him, and it was clear that DeCruz wanted to cause serious harm. The family is demanding the appropriate charges to be filed.

DeCruz has been on administrative leave since the incident. He was arrested this Monday and the bail is set at $500,000.

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