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St.Louis Man Shot A Guy Dead At Youth Club, While Her Mother Executed Death Plan Against Two Witnesses

There are many kinds of crimes surfaced nowadays. One such crime happened in St.Louis way back in 2013. This is regarding the crime incident and the judgement taken by courts against the suspects.

The Perfect Murder Plot :

A victim is a 16-year-old man named Chauncey Brown. A suspect is a 23-year-old man named Tyrell Davidson. In September 2013 Tyrell Davidson was at the youth club as a regular day. But it, in turn, was his last day as Tyler Davidson came into the picture and killed him. It was all not just the end.

Even the mother of the killer, Latashia Mopkins tried to wipe off the witnesses in this case. She got the police report having the list of the potential witnesses, which should not have been disclosed. So she then plotted a plan against the witnesses. She teamed up with her brother Cortez McClinton, nephew Frederick Mopkins and a third man, Travon Knighten to over the two witnesses. The two potential witnesses were James Moore and Noah Barnes. Both were of 16. Latashia Mopkins have known that Noah Barnes was in the car with Davidson by the time of the attack on Brown. Even Barnes was sitting in a vehicle with Davidson when Davidson shot Brown to death. So Latashia Mopkins with her gang shot the two potential witnesses to death.

Punishment laid on the Suspects:

Tyrell Davidson was charged to second-degree murder and armed criminal action. So he was sentenced to 12 years in jail. Though Davidson was minor at the time of the shooting, she was testified as an adult.

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Coming to the four suspects, the charges against them were dropped as of now because the detective who was about to testify against them got brain cancer and died of it. So still the charges against them are in review. Latashia Hopkins did not have any record of previous crime. While Knighten, McClinton, and Frederick Hopkins have previous felony convictions for drugs and theft. McClinton was already sentenced to 36 years for being convicted to second-degree murder, kidnapping and other crimes of a similar kind.

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