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Robbed The Kid For A Smartphone And Then Beat Him With Cane As He Followed Him; Surveillance Footage Leaked

The robberies of teenagers and kids have increased in numbers as the predators find them to be weak. There have been an alarming increase in the offenses where the children were left with long time traumas because of their stolen pocket money.

Snatched The Cell Phone And Used A Cane

Last Thursday, a full-grown man was seen robbing an 11-year-old kid. The New York Police Department released the surveillance footage. The incident happened in a Brooklyn street at around 6:40 am.

Victim kid was seen in the video walking down 50th Street and 5th Avenue in Sunset park. According to the video, the robber had a cane that seemed like he was using to help him walk. He approached the kid at one corner and started to rob him.

A Limp But Devilish Mind

The man had a limp thus was using a cane. But, he also used that cane to beat up the kid. In the video, when the robber snatched the phone of the kid, the kid attacked him back. The 11-year-old ran behind him, but the man beat him with his cane.

In the next street, he was walking calmly with a stick that meant he injured the kid, and he was not following him anymore. The kid was supposedly walking to his school when he was attacked. His cell phone was taken, and he didn’t have any money on him.

In the video, he is seen to have light skin and was wearing a gray hoodie, blue and black jacket, and blue jeans. The police department has uploaded the video on social media platforms and is asking for the public’s help. After the robbery, the suspect fled north on 4th Avenue. So, the residents there must have seen a man with this description.

Himanshi Gupta
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