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Psycho Hubby Beat Wife Along With Mother Of Three Children To Death, For Not Stopping Giggling At Him On A Family Vacay

Convicted husband has accepted the charges of murder against him. The 39-year-old man, Kenneth Manzanares, admitted killing his wife after she would not stop laughing at him. He brutally beat Kristy Manzanares, his wife, and also the mother of his three children. He accepts being blinded by anger and rage when he committed the hideous crime. According to reports, the family was on vacation to Alaska when the incident had taken place. According to FBI reports, the dad said that the situation was grim, complicated, and depressing, and his wife would ‘ not stop laughing at him.’

The Husband Has Accepted And Admitted to Second Degree Murder

On an unfortunate night, Kenneth agrees to have gotten into a furious argument with his wife. As the fight escalated, his anger started dictating him. He was angry after his wife had asked him to divorce her. The situation was grim.

According to reports, he even told his adult daughter and another minor to leave the cabin when the situation between the couple had started taking a nasty route. In the beginning, though the children left the place, they returned when they heard the terrifying scream of their mother.

According to reports the daughter had seen from a balcony, their father was on top of their mother hitting her like a beast. He had lost self-control and had seemed to have acquired a beastly avatar. She tried to go everywhere and sought help from everyone.

She Securities Tried To Save The Wife, But She Had Died During The Event

Kenneth had accepted that after he started beating her with a closed fist and there was blood in his hands, he had nil control. According to forensic reports, the wife had died from being hit by a blunt force on her face and head several times.

According to passengers, some thought the tragic incident was not real but a mystery drama theme for their dinner. There seemed to be blood everywhere. Some passengers claimed that the children were hysterical after the incident.

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