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Milwaukee Man Arrested For “Accidentally” Shooting A Mother Of Four Minors In The Head, Lied To Police To Escape Charges

The story is from Milwaukee,, where a man was arrested for “accidentally” shooting a woman in the head causing her to die. The man has been identified as Deonte Wilkin, 23. He shot a fatally shot Raven Coley, 24. Raven is the mother of four children, all under the age of 10. When the police received the report of a woman being dead in Milwaukee, they immediately went to the crime scene. The woman was alive when the police reached. Despite efforts to keep her alive till the ambulance arrives, she died at the scene. Her body was later sent for examination.

Wilkins Initially Lied To The Police To Escape Charges

Raven Coley

As per the reports, the tragic incident took place on February 4, inside an apartment near 23rd Street and Kilbourn Avenue. The police received a complaint regarding Coley being wounded by a gunshot sometime before 10:45 p.m. When they reached the venue, Coley was alive and they tried to resuscitate her but failed. She died at the crime scene.

The Milwaukee County medical examination report told the police that Coley was shot once in the head and then later died because of the shot. They called the incident a homicide.

On interrogating Wilkins, he told the police that a stranger had forcefully entered the apartment and shot Coley. He escaped after shooting her.

However, police caught him red-handed when they didn’t find evidence to support his story.

Witness Told Police The Entire Truth About The Incident

There was another person in the apartment with Dilkins and Coley who saw a few moments before Coley was shot in the head. As per the witness, Wilkins was on a call with someone and was talking about the gun he was holding at that time. This is the same gun which was used to shoot Coley. The witness then went inside the bathroom and a few moments later, heard a gunshot. When she came outside to see, she reportedly saw Wilkins was jumping and screaming. He told the witness that he had “accidentally” shot Coley. She saw Coley bleeding on the couch. She further added that later a man came to the apartment, wrapped the gun and took it with him.

Charges Against Wilkins 

Deonte Wilkin has been charged with one count of homicide and loosely handling a dangerous weapon. More details regarding the case will be released soon.

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