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Lawyer Breaking Law: Found Selling Drugs And Weapons With Scraped Off Serial Numbers For Months

A California lawyer was found breaking some serious laws and was apprehended by the ATF agents. She was even a street seller and a silent seller, but her clientele were former convicts.

Acted As A Middle Man

The suspect is identified as Melinda Romines of Anaheim, California. She reportedly acted as a middle man for the black-market as she bought the contraband from there and then sold to her clientele. She was doing this for the people who didn’t know how to access the black market and thus making a profit out of it. But, her days were now over as some ATF agents got a hint of the illegal transactions.

Watched Too Many Movies As The Serial Numbers Were Scratched Off

In one of the deals, she allegedly sold a .40 pistol, an AR-rifle and a silencer in Los Angeles. The buyer met in the parking lot in 2018. Both of the guns had their serial numbers scratched off. It is done so as to make the tracking impossible. But, scratching off the serial number is not an easy task.

In another parking lot, few months later, she allegedly sold another pistol of .45 caliber. Reportedly, in that deal she made around $900. Weapons with scratched off serial numbers are worth much.

Got The Taste Of Money And Even Sold Some Meth

Reportedly, a month later, she and an accomplice of her sold around a quarter-pound of methamphetamine. The quantum was sold in two deals. These all reports were announced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

The agents caught up to her, and she was finally arrested and charged. Right now, she is charged with one count of conspiracy to engage in dealing firearms without a license and one count of possession of an unregistered firearm. She is also charged for the meth she sold with two counts of distributing methamphetamine.

Himanshi Gupta
Himanshi Gupta is a content writer at The Innersane. Over time she has written over 100 articles on Hollywood and Television series. Since she always knew that she wanted to be a Journalist, she graduated from Christ (Deemed to be University), Bangalore with a BA Journalism degree. Before The Innersane, she has worked with other media houses like The Hindu and NDTV on politics, elections, and education beats.

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