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Jealous Lover Uploads Dead Pictures Of Her Influencer Girlfriend, After Slitting Her Throat As He Caught Her Kissing Another Man

He Slit Her Throat Out Of Jealousy:

It has been recently in the news that Brandon Clark. A man who is said to be just 21-year-old slashed throat of a teen girl who was very popular on Instagram and whose name was Bianca Devins’. After the investigation, it was revealed that he did so out of utter jealousy.

She Kissed Another Man:

This man and the favored Instagram star Bianca Devins’ who was in her teenage traveled to Queens in New York to attend a concert, it was then revealed that in the same show there was a man who got friendly to the teenage star after which the two kissed, soon after seeing this the man who accompanied her and who is also the supposed culprit named as Brandon Clark, out of nowhere came and slit the throat of the teenage star, it later came to light that he did it out of jealousy, he probably could not tolerate the sight of Bianca being close to some other man, so in rage he went to her and slit her throat.

They Both Were Not Even dating:

While the investigation was on. And the culprit was being interrogated, it came to light that both the culprit, Brandon Clark and the popular teen Instagram star, Bianca Devin’s were not even dating, he was merely jealous as he had one-sided love for the girl and an utter rage grew in him when he saw the girl kissing another man.

He Posted Her Dead Body Pictures:

After he was done slitting her throat, he posted the pictures of her dead body on Instagram and another popular app that is named as discord, and the dead star had almost one lacs and seventy thousand followers on Instagram, she had always wanted to study Psychology and had a clear goal to do something in that field. It was also noted that the culprit Brandon Clark was in an attempt to slice his own throat when he came to know that the police had reached the spot.

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