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Family Of The Victim Slain By 8-Year-Old With BB Gun In Tampa Seeks Justice

Ivan’s Family In Deep Grief, After Losing Their Young Footballer

With complete anguish, the family of 17-year-old Ivan Johnson is trying on the way to course his death. Camisha Denny, Johnson’s mother, wasn’t imagining it to be as unfavourable as it remained when she got to the hospital. Ivan met a family through continuing at a prolonged sojourn in Tampa. His family enlightened that he played football with the two boys for days.

The dad troops his two boys, sideways with Ivan, to an ATM at a Bank of America on North West Shore Boulevard on Feb 1.

An Eight-Year-Old Boy Blamed For Ivan’s Death.

As per the reports of Tampa Police, the 8-year-old son of the driver, he has fired some 800BB/pellet gun, which was lying on the backseat of the car. His negligent act ended up striking Ivan’s left eye. Ivan died after juggling for three days in Tampa general hospital.

His family contemplates the dad was slipshod. Ivan’s dad, Solomon Johnson, said. “however it was an 8-year-old kid that dragged the trigger, I think an accountable father would have put the gun anywhere else and not in the backseat,”

The daddy and his boys partake left the protracted stay and are led back home, a Tampa Police Department spokesman said in a press release. No individual has stayed charged.

Police have christened the man a family associate, but then again, the Dennys uphold they have on no occasion met him.

“There are no letters. There’s no note. There’s nonentity you left. And my son is gone. Also, you get to live luckily with your boys. It’s a delinquent with me,” said Ivan’s mom.

Delinquency, the Denny family, is sailing with, despite the fact also dealing with the inconceivable decease of their youngster.

Interment facilities for Ivan Johnson will take place on Feb 22


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