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Woman Faked A Medical Condition So That The Kidnapper And Rapist Can Call 911; Her Ruse Obviously Worked

The woman was abducted from the street and then was forced to have sex as they were “meant together”. He forced himself on her as she was “meant to have it”. She used her mind and tried to slither away from the situation and how was she successful.

Called 911 And Claimed He Kidnapped The Woman; Not So Bright

A 56-year-old man named Troy Knighten was taken into custody by the Baton Rouge police department. He claimed that he abducted a woman who then started showing some signs of medical emergency.

Knighten said he set up all the peculiar ways to prevent her escape and advised her that he was going to have her and she is going to accept that. He reportedly raped her. Officers claimed they were made aware of the crime because of a 911 call by the kidnapper. The victim apparently faked a medical emergency and medical respondents were called in the house where she was tied up.

Didn’t Fight Back, Just Used Her Mind

The woman told officers that she didn’t fight back as Knighten had a knife next to his bed. According to the arrest reports, Knighten kidnapped the woman while she was walking down the Avenue B on Thursday, February 6. She was taken to a home on Crestview Avenue where she was allegedly raped.

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She didn’t use any force as she feared Knighten could hurt her even more. After few hours she decided to act as having a stroke or something so Knighten could call 911 as he didn’t seemed like wanting a death on his hands.


Knighten was arrested and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. He was charged with domestic abuse battery, simple battery and kidnapping, first-degree rape and false imprisonment. The hearing date has not been set yet but a prison time is clear in near future.

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