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Wanted Sex Assaulter Traced By Police By Anonymous Lead, Assaulter Allegedly Resided In Homeless Shelters In Philadelphia

Evesham Township caught hold of a sex assault fugitive. The lead that led the police to this criminal was from an anonymous source. The sex assaulter was housed in a Philadelphia homeless shelter.

The sex assault fugitive has been recognized as Charles Torrence, 50. He was reportedly staying in various homeless shelters in Philadelphia.

Sex With A Minor

Charles Torrence was a wanted criminal. In the year 2019, he had ended up having sex with an underage girl. He was wanted for failing to appear on numerous charges he was indicted for, one of them being the rape of a minor.

The police started investigating when the victim from Ocean County reported a case of sexual assault against him. Upon investigation, it was found that Charles had met the victim via a dating app which goes by the name Kik.

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According to authorities, both of them talked through messages and face time. This went on for a week before they met. Then one fine day, Charles picked the victim from her home and took her to his home at Marlton. This is where he sexually assaulted her.

Arrested At Spruce Street Shelter

Investigators and detectives then got a tip from an anonymous source. As a result of which, the investigators started searching out all homeless shelters for getting hold of this wanted criminal. Several homeless shelters in Philadelphia were searched out as a result of this. He was then spotted entering a shelter on Spruce Streets.

He was then taken into custody. The Philadelphia Police Department then took him in and then the process of extraditing him back to New Jersey. Evesham police are using this incident to encourage residents to report criminal behavior along with any suspicious activities. They took this incident as a call towards spreading public awareness regarding this.

They have also released a number for registering any suspicious activity. The contact number is 856-983-1111.

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