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A Transitioning Man Shot Up His Classroom With A Partner; One Student Killed, Pleaded Guilty Last Week

The kid was born female and was transitioning to be a male when he was immensely bullied by his classmates. He wanted to teach the bullies a lesson but the resort he opted was very very bad. And now, he is been treated at the court as an adult.

The Courtroom Battle Since A Year

There were two students involved in the deadly shooting of a classroom in their own school. The kids shot at the STEM School Highlands Ranch in Douglas County Colorado. It left one dead and 18 injured victims.

The kids involved were 16-year-old Alec McKinney and his 19-year-old partner Devon Erickson. McKinney pleaded guilty to 17 felonies this past Friday on February 7. After almost a year as the shooting took place in May 2019. He has pleaded guilty also to a first-degree murder charge apart from acts of terrorism. He has a chance to be paroled after serving 25 years in prison.

Stormed The Classroom With Heavy Weaponry And Huge Accusations, Hint Of Cocaine In Nose; The Pink-Haired Lunatic

The two lunatics stormed the classroom on May 7, 2019. They entered announcing that they had three handguns and a .22 calibre rifle. Apparently, they stole the weaponry from Erickson’s parents. Above that, they both were dozed off on cocaine.

McKinney was born a female but she was transitioning now. He confessed to targeting specific students who actually bullied him and called him “disgusting”. He reported that some of the classmates made fun of him and often addressed him as “she”. McKinney wanted the students to feel the trauma that he felt.

One Killed, Eight Injured

The attack injured eight students but killed one 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo. According to the terrorists, they didn’t have any intention to kill anyone. The girl rushed them and that’s when they shot her down. Both of the kids were then successfully apprehended.

McKinney was treated as an adult so his hearing was set in adult’s court. But, by his guilty plea, he would get a minimum sentence than what he would have faced if he was an actual adult. McKinney will be sentenced on May 18.


Erickson has pleaded not guilty to the same charges McKinney faced. His lawyers have portrayed McKinney as the leader who pressured Erickson to participate as it was not even his school.

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