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Man Ambush Open Fire In The Car With A Toddler Inside: Brawl Turned Deadly Between The Couple And A Gunman

A couple has been charged with a fatal shooting of a 27-year-old man who was in a car with a toddler. The victim was sent to the hospital and was out of any danger; toddler was unharmed.

Shooting Without Motive, Didn’t Even Take The Toddler Into Consideration

Deputies were called to a scene of crime on 1500 block of Buies Mills Road in Red Springs around 5:48 pm on Friday. They found a 27-year-old wounded in his car with a crying toddler.

The unknown man was found with gunshot in his arm and chest. Apparently, he had been in a confrontation with a “hippie” couple who then shot at the man. The dispute thought not known, but it is discovered that it has been going for a long time now. Could be months, that these filthy animals have been in chaos. The whole Buie-Philadephius Road was a crime scene. The suspects are identified as 42-year-old Kevin Brooks and 37-year-old Donelia Bryant.

The victim was taken to Southeastern Medical Center for the injuries. He was out of danger but required some surgeries.

Arrested From Their Home

Both Brooks and Bryant were arrested at their home by the detectives. They were hunted down by the description that the victim gave. Plus they have been in a constant fight so it is believed that the couple were known felons. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have shot at a car while a toddler was still in. They are now charged with felony conspiracy, discharging a weapon into an occupied vehicle and assualt with a weapon.

They both are right now in the Robeson County Detention Center. Brooks’ bail was set at $280,000, while Bryant’s bail was set at $106,000. Their court date is not yet set but they see a jail sentence in the near future, but nobody was harmed.

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