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Multimillionaire Ron Brierley Possessed 2-Years-Old Girls Explicit Photos, Faces Pornography Charges

Wealthy businessman Sir Ron Brierley had made headlines after being accused of sexual allegation cases. Ron Brierley is an effulgent businessman in New Zealand. He is one of New Zealand’s most high profile business identities and a public figure. Ron Brierley, 82 is a retired investor and corporate raider. At such an old age he is facing prosecution on grounds of sexual assault.

Sexually Aggressive Content In Laptop

Ron Brierley was reportedly possessing a number of images and videos having sexually aggressive content in his laptop and other electronic storage devices. The Police have alleged this information in a Sydney Court.

He was seen walking with a cane entering Downing Centre Local Court.

Child Abuse Material

A person of his prominence and wealth is now facing trial for housing child abuse material. The fact that he had sexually aggressive content of girls as young as 2 years is really disturbing. This very revelation has taken people by shock worldwide. This case shows that humanity and money are two different things. One cannot judge a person by his wealth.

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The multimillionaire who owns a home in Sydney suburb of Point Piper is facing six counts of possessing child abuse material. Ron Brierley intends to plead guilty in light of this case. But a formal plea is yet to be entered.

He was intercepted by Australian Border Force officers at Sydney International Airport on December 17.

According to documents, Ron Brierley was caught on the airport itself. He was trying to board a plane from there. But he was caught in possession of child abuse material featuring girls aged between two to 15. This led to legal proceedings in his name. A formal hearing in this matter has not been scheduled yet. In addition to this, a formal plea from Ron Brierley’s side is also awaited.

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