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Man Conquers His Fear: Man Spotted On Europe’s Tallest Waterslide After Overcoming Acrophobia

Ben Bardsley of Stockport, Greater Manchester has gotten over the biggest fear of his life. In the year 2015, he had accidentally fallen into a koi carp pond which was being dug in his garden. This injury of his was self-inflicted but had left a permanent effect on him. It had left him fearful of heights.

Ben Overcame Acrophobia

Acrophobia or fear of heights is one of the most common fears of people. Not many can get over this fear. Most of them just avoid tall places. But there are instances in which people actually go out in the open and face their fear.

Ben Bardsley is one of those rare people. He overcame his fear of heights after falling into the pit and facing a tough situation. He was recently found on top of Europe’s highest water slide all merry.

Moreover, he had posted on his social media handle a quote that goes, “Always conquer your fears! Most expensive ride in history, never give in and show weakness.”

Ben On Top Of 108ft Slide

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Ben, 38, a bodybuilder was scared to his wits after the incident. But Manchester County Court dismissed his claim as ‘nonsense’ after the insurance company, Aviva uncovered a social media post which showed him on top of the 108 feet Verti-Go waterslide in Benidorm, Spain.

The social media post showcased him hurtling down the slide.

But the company claims that Mr. Bardsley was guilty of ‘fundamental dishonesty in respect of his claim.’ Aviva also discovered footage of the bodybuilder lifting weights after the incident.

“Mr. Bardsley has shown fundamental dishonesty in respect of his claims,” said Recorder Richard Hartley QC, dismissing the case last month.

A lawyer representing Mr. Bradsley claimed that he had exaggerated his injuries.

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