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Kim Kardashian Self-Doubt For Not Inventing Pee Hole To Her Brand SKIMS

Kim Kardashian regretted her decision of not adding a pee hole in the shapewear from her brand. Kim even voiced her regrets this week during her Nordstrom Launch in New York. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star even made a statement regarding the issue to The New York Times. The star stated in regretful tone ” I wish we launched shapewear with a pee hole”.

Kim Kardashian Had Stated Even Previously The Need For Pee Hole In Shapewear

Kim Kardashian who had advertised corsets and Shapewear even before her own brand stated that she had always thought of pee holes in shapewear. She had previously stated that for her in all events shapewear and corsets are a necessary part of the attire. Thus the idea of pee holes in shapewear had always intrigued her.

Kim Wanted To Add Pee Hole To Her Brand’s Shapewear Months Ago.

Even on Jimmy Fallon’s show in 2019, the star had revealed her curiosity regarding pee holes in shapewear. During the game Show Me Your Phone the star’s last google search revealed what was on her mind. The google search had been ‘Is shapewear with a pee hole better?’

During the initial months of her launch, Kim Kardashian stated that she had an ongoing debate inside her head. The debate had essentially been about to keep or not to keep a pee hole in her shapewear. She had been of the opinion that certain shapewears might be better with pee holes if not all.

Kim had explained that even if there had been pee holes in shapewear it did not always serve the purpose. Even in events like Emmys, there were times one could pee over themselves with pee holes in shapewears.

Kim had initially even decided to name her shapewear brand Kimono but due to controversies decided against it. The name Kimono had raised controversies about cultural appropriation. SKIMS was the name Kim Kardashian finally had settled on after asking help from her fans.

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