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Florida School Teacher Struggle To Get 8 Balls Of Meth Delivered To Her During Class Hours

A first-grade school teacher had been caught during her attempt to get narcotics. According to authorities and reports, the teacher asked for the delivery of meth at her elementary school. She taught at Jacksonville Heights Elementary School.

Valerie Lee Prince, the accused teacher, had called up her dealer and was desperate for the delivery. She had pleaded for the delivery and was willing to abandon her class to make the collection. The 43-year-old school teacher had asked her to bring her 8 balls of meth, a part of which she would consume before class.

The Teacher Would Consume Some Of The Delivered Meth Before Returning To Class

The lady’s present dealer was but an informant who worked with the police. He worked with narcotics officers and recorded calls. He stated that during the call the teacher said that she would leave the class pretending to attend a phone call. She would then quickly return to the class having had her delivery. According to the phone call, it was clear that she would be consuming her delivered meth before entering the class.

Lt. Domenic Paniccia held a press conference regarding the event and expressed his despair. According to reports he claimed that the situation was depressing. He was shocked to find someone who had been in charge of kids purchasing and possessing meth within the premises. According to court records the teacher is being held at Clay County Jail.

Teacher Confessed Possessing And Consuming Narcotics On Numerous Occasions

However, the teacher had pleaded guilty and had admitted to the use of methamphetamine on numerous occasions. The teacher had also confessed to the school delivery deal.

Darryl Daniels, sheriff of Clay County said that he hopes the teacher will be stripped of her credentials. He also wishes that someone like that teacher should never be allowed to be in contact with children.

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