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A Mother Grief-Stricken Fell On The Ground After Hearing Sudden Death Of Her Daughter 

When teens get separate from their parents and live an individual life with their own income, it makes even their parents feel a lot of proud of them. But in case any bad happens to the child then the parents will be the most affected people. One such incident is noted in Memphis where a girl was shot to death.

About the incident :

The victim is a 24-year-old girl named Shaniqua Irby who has recently moved to a house off Clinchport Circle to lead her own life with a great amount of responsibility. Her mother, Kathesia Winston was so elated for her. But I did not take much time for her to be happy, as one day one of her family members called Kathesia Winston saying that her daughter, Shaniqua Irby is no more. She was shot to death. This was a very sudden and shocking incident for anyone to witness.

Words from her mother :

After hearing to this call, Kathesia Winston was down on the floor with tears all over. She couldn’t believe the news at all and her mind was freeze for a second. She literally just collapsed on the floor because she wasn’t expecting anything like this, not in a million years. She felt as if she was in a dream.

Katherine Winston further said that her daughter was known for her barbershop skills and in addition to this she was also advocating for the people with sickle-cell disease. As she was treated for sickle cell disease at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital right from her childhood. She further said about her daughter that she was very helpful and would do anything for the people without any hesitation. She had a dream to put up her own hair salon. She further said that her would-be now in heaven watching us. Also, she believed in God and said that God is surely watching us and he will take care of me.

Investigation of Cops :

The police officers are still in search of the killer. There are clues for this crime which is making this a hard task for the cops to handle. The mother of the victim definitely tells that it was not an accidental one, but she couldn’t think of anyone thinking to hurt her daughter as she spent most of her time in the barbershop cutting the hairs.

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