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A Man Allegedly Wounded A Guy At Bar With A Glass, As Observed In Surveillance By The Cops

There are many crimes on roads occurring nowadays. They are generally for money, relationship differences, drug dealings, altercation being alcoholic and likewise many more. One such incident is witnessed in Pittsburg near a bar.

About the crime :

A Pittsburg police officer who was working as security staff at Mario’s South Side Saloon has seen a man on the floor with his head bleeding continuously. This was surely an event of violence. As the victim was found near the bar, the police officer went into the bar and checked the surveillance footages to see the actual incident. Then seeing the surveillance footage, the police officer found out that a man has badly hit the victim out of some random altercation. With the discussion being heated up, the suspect has badly hit the victim upon his head. The suspect used a glass to take over the victim. He badly injured his head and made it bleed a lot and left the place.

Action taken by the cops :

After seeing the video footage, the cops have got the man. The name of the suspect is Zachary Patterson. After a series of investigation done on Zachary Patterson whereabouts, cops have arrested him and taken under his custody. He further said to the cops that he has not hit the man too hard for him to bleed that bad. So Zachary Patterson was arrested and charged with two counts of murder. Still, the investigation is in progress to know the motive of the assault. Even the previous history of any criminal offence is being searched for the suspect, Zachary Patterson. So after all the investigation was done regarding the case and the suspect’s previous history, the court will give the statement about his sentence. So the punishment will be in accordance with his previous criminal deeds.

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