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Yet Another Case Of Child Being A Prey To Self-Inflicted Shooting, 4-Year-Old Dead After Mishap

Cases of children getting hold of deadly weapons, especially guns, have become common these days. In yet another such case, a boy of 4 lost his life in an apartment after fatally shooting himself. This incident took place on Friday night on Pemberton Township.

Shot Himself In Cheek

The boy shot himself in his cheek and ended up losing his life. The boy has been identified as Lincoln Mack. Cases like this show how single grievous irresponsibility on the part of parents can prove fatal for their children. Deadly weapons and objects of similar nature must be kept outside the reachable range of children. Children by nature are curious beings, and if they get hold of these things, then it can prove to be very unfortunate both for the children and parents.

Self-Inflicted Shot

The boy got access to the gun placed in his home, which was unsecured. According to the evidence, the shooting looks self-inflicted. According to Burlington County Prosecutor, Scott Coffina, and Pemberton Township Police Chief. David Jantas, the shot was indeed out of an accident.

The shooting occurred while the child’s parents and two other siblings were present in the home. After this incident, police officers have urged all owners of guns to keep this deadly weapon somewhere secure outside the reach of children to avoid such unfortunate occurrences.

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After the report regarding the firing was filed, the police immediately came to the spot and found the boy with a gunshot wound on his cheek. He was rushed to the Capital Health Emergency Department at Deborah Hospital. He was taken to the hospital at 7 pm and after an hour at 8 pm, he was pronounced dead by the medical professionals.

No charge has been filed yet the detectives are investigating the case.

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