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Teen Died In The Intention To Save Another Boy Of Similar Age From Being Bullied

Authorities in Texas say that a 16-year-old was shot dead by another teen outside his home just days after he intervened to prevent the gunman from bullying another boy. A large group of mourners held a vigil on Friday to recollect Sam Reynolds, the Arlington high school sophomore who was fatally shot on Thursday afternoon near his family’s apartment complex.

What Happened At The Scene-

Police say surveillance footage shows a 15-year-old boy pull out a handgun he had concealed within the back of his pants and fire one round into Reynolds’ chest, consistent with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Reynolds’ family told the officials that days before the shooting, the victim stepped in to guard a smaller boy from being bullied by the suspect, WFAA-TV is reporting.
The surveillance footage from Thursday afternoon shows Reynolds walking into his apartment complex, as said by the officials.

As he’s close to entering the building, the suspect, who had just dropped off groceries in another apartment nearby, walks up to him. ‘Within just a matter of a few seconds, he pulls out a handgun from the rear a part of his pants,’ Arlington Police Lt. Chris Cook exclaimed.

Reynolds takes one step and collapses to the bottom. He was rushed to a close-by hospital where he was pronounced dead. Many other people told police that they saw the suspect, a lean-figured 15-year-old male wearing a black hoodie. The suspect fired round at Reynolds then ran away.

Punishment For The Teen & The Makeup-

A lawyer for the suspect has asked that the kid be placed on suicide watch while in detention because his parents said he has talked of killing himself.

Reynolds was the sole child of his mother, Madison Fletcher, whose niece, Courtney Fletcher, launched a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral expenses and other related costs.

As per the posts released, Madison and Sam had a strong bond that one could ever imagine. It has always been the two of them, the best of friends. Sam was portrayed as a bright student who loved to play soccer and visit the lake with his grandfather. He was also kind and compassionate by those who were familiar with his nature.

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