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Ruled Accident Of A Wealthy Woman In Manhattan Dismissed As Homicide By A New York Pathologist, Questioned Police Investigation

The story is back from 2018 when a wealthy woman from Manhattan met with an accident and died. The cops and the court ruled the tragic incident as an accident, but recent findings have turned the table to the other side. New York City’s former medical examiner reports that the woman was strangled to death, the accident was a homicide.

The 48-year-old was identified as Lara Prychodko. Her body was found in a trash chute on July 10, 2018, near the 27th floor of her Union Square Building.

Lara’s Father Believed That His Daughter Was Murdered Despite Court Rulings 

Dr. Michael Baden, who examined Lara, believes that she might have died of homicide and not by accident.

He wrote a letter to her family to communicate the same.

“May have died because of homicidal ligature strangulation and was then placed in the garbage chute,” his letter read.

Nicholas Prsychodko, who always believed that his daughter was murdered, sought Michael’s help even after the police had declared her death to be under mysterious circumstances after two months of investigation.

According to the letter, Baden reviewed autopsy notes, X-rays, lab tests, and crime scene photos.

According to Baden’s July 15, 2019, report, strangulation “may also explain why there was little bleeding from the lacerated viscera and torn blood vessels noted at autopsy.” Viscera are the body’s internal organs.

He also noted that Lara was topless in one of the crime scene photos.

“One of the first things he said was that her blouse was off,” said Nicholas Prychodko.

“He felt that was unusual and a potential indication of a struggle before she died.”

Missing Video Footage 

The video footages available with the officers included Lara entering her building at 4:10 pm. She took the elevator to her floor. A neighbour on the 27th floor said she returned to her apartment at 4:20 pm. But when the neighbour came out after hearing noises, she noticed a purse in the hallway outside the trash compactor entrance.

Her body was found by building maintenance staff at 4:40 pm reportedly “crushed from different angles.” As per police, the purse was Lara’s. Nicholas told the police that there is no footage of Lara entering the chute on the 27th floor. “There is no video because there is no video camera in the hallway,” he said.

Lara Was Undergoing A Divorce With Her Husband And The Financial Talks Were In Her Favour

Lara was undergoing a divorce with her husband, David Schalchet. He owned a construction company that was struggling to make ends meet as they were in debt of more than $3.4 million and had assets of $550,844. They declared bankruptcy in 2016. Lara’s attorney said the negotiations were difficult because their marital holdings were in millions of dollars.

Despite this, the financial talks amongst the two were ruling in her favour.

“I was utterly shocked when I heard about her death,” he said.

“I just know her death was not an accident.”


Himanshi Gupta
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