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Mother Of Three Passes Away In A Horrific Road Crash, Was A Lovely Human, Claims Family

Two Of The Vehicles were Travelling In The Same Direction:

It has been in the recent news that in Queensland a Ute traveling down Serpentine Creek Road at Redland Bay Struck A Sedan, it was believed that these two were travelling in the same direction, the Queensland police and the initial investigating team concluded after seeing the spot and evidences that the vehicles that were probably travelling in the same direction on the Friday Night.

A Minivan Was Forthcoming:

While one of the vehicles that were ute could sense the danger. To save the situation it veered into oncoming traffic and thus stroke a minivan, it was believed that it did so to save the vehicles, Ute and Sedan from bumping into each other. Still, unfortunately in an attempt to dissuade the situation, it damaged a minivan.

There Was Only A Woman In The Minivan:

When, in an attempt to save the ute from bumping into Sedan, the driver veered into oncoming vehicle, minivan, it was noted that inside of the van, there was only one woman, who was told to be a mother of three, her name was further revealed to be Mersina Axiom, the lady, unfortunately, could not even be provided with the paramedics when she died at the spot, she was told to be 36-year-old.

She Was A Loving Human Being:

Mersina’s sister said that her sister was a very loving mother. Aunt, wife, sister and whatnot, she also noted that Mersina was energetic and passionate. Everybody would miss her and her kind deeds, she always used to be happy. And make others happy which would be missed by all her friends and relatives. She was a caring mother and a very charming wife too, had no enemies, and praised everybody no matter what.

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