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Middle-Aged Man Stole Skateboard From A Store After Mother Denied To Buy Him One

It has recently been in the news that a man from Salt Lake City, who is said to be 32-year-old has been reported to the police for stealing a skateboard from the shop. When interrogated he told that first he asked his mom to buy it for him, but she refused, and thus he was heartbroken as he was not able to get it.

He Walked Into A Store Wearing A Mask:

When the 32-year-old man was said no by his mom as he asked her to buy the skateboard, he devised a plan to steal the same from a store, he wore a mask of ski and walked into a Zumiez, he then grabbed a $190 longboard off the shelf and started walking out of the store.

The Storeman Tried To Stop Him:

It also came to light that when the same man grabbed the skateboard off the shelf from the store, he tried to walk out, but the storeman present there saw him stealing and trying to walk out, he then tried to stop him saying that” don’t get shot if you want to save your life, return the things.” Still, the 32-year-old man did not listen, and he kept on walking, the storeman also tried to stop him as if he wanted to say that if he did not return the stolen thing, he would shoot him. Nonetheless, the man who took did not return, despite several warnings from the storeman.

He Surrendered To Police:

Next day, the same man who wore a mask and got into the store to steal the skateboard, despite being successful in his mission, came up to surrender to the police authorities, it is believed that he did so because of his mother, who would have forced him to confess this theft in front of the officers.

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