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Fort Lauderdale Man Confessed ‘Hope My Girlfriend Is Dead’ After Stabbing Her Multiple Times

The accused man admitted to killing his younger girlfriend last month, claiming he stabbed her multiple times and “hopes she’s dead,” police said. Neville Smith, 74, was arrested in January about the fatal stabbing of his 46-year-old girlfriend, Tawana Williams.

What The Reports Suggest-

According to the police report, the crime occurred January 18 at home Smith and Williams shared on Northwest 13th Lane. The victim’s daughter found her mother’s body and called police, who arrived to seek out Smith sitting outside on the side of the house, in the same place.

Laguna Crawford, who was expecting police within the yard, pointed at Smith and told officers, “He’s sitting out there, and he killed my mother.” According to the investigation report, Smith had blood on his shirt and a pocket knife in his possession. Police ordered Smith to drop the knife and toss it away, which he did. He was then handcuffed without incident.

After a politician asked Smith if he was injured, Smith confessed that he “stabbed her” and “hopes she’s dead,” the report said.

“Smith continued to utter multiple times that he killed or stabbed the victim and said that her life is his life and he hoped that they might die together,” the report said. Williams had multiple stab injuries to her back and was pronounced dead at the scene.

911’s Hold On The Case-

The 911 dispatcher told police that Crawford claimed Smith killed his girlfriend because she was cheating on him. Smith was initially arrested on a charge of second-degree murder, but a jury on Thursday upgraded the cost to first-degree murder. Moreover, He stood in Broward County judge Saturday and remains in jail without bond.

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