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Burnaby Model Mother Of Three Shot Dead By A Man, Over Minor Drug Dispute

According to reports, there was double murder of a Burnaby mother alongside another man over drug dispute and conflict. The burnaby woman, also a model, was a mother of three children. The model mother, Brandy Petrie, 34, had been shot dead inside her car. Her car, along with her dead body was found on a secluded road in Langley. It was in the early hours of the morning on the 1st of September of 2017.

The Mother Of Three Children Was With A Langley Man Who Had Also Been Shot

According to reports, there was another man in the car alongside Petrie. However, the man, Avery Levely-Flescher, 20-year-old, was gravely injured and suffering. The man was wounded from several gunshots. Though he was immediately rushed to the hospital he was pronounced dead.

According to a joint sentencing submission the man who had shot and murdered two people should be sentenced to life imprisonment. There would be nil chance of parole for at least 17 years. This had been presented on Friday at B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster by the lawyers and Crown prosecutors.

The man, Travis MacPhai, then 21 years old had been on a drug blender. According to reports and statements Travis had not even slept for 5 days before he had shot two people.

Travis Was With Another Woman When He Had Shot The Langley Man And The Burnaby Mother

According to reports Travis MacPhai was with another whom he had only met four days ago. The couple had run out of money and drugs. They had then called dial-a-dope drug line. The drug line was being run by Petrie and Levely-Flescher, both of whom were shot.

In accordance with the reports the MacPhai had tried to pay with a prepaid credit instead of cash. The other woman had stolen the credit card from her mother. The dispute ensued when Petrie and Levely-Flescher wanted the money to be paid via cash. Enraged, MacPhai shot at Petrie and Lovely-Flescher with a sawed-off shotgun. The gun was in the back of his jeep.

According to other reports Petrie had even tried to drive away after being shot but went into a ravine. Levely-Flescher had dialled 911. MacPhail and the woman returned to the scene to collect the drugs they had left at the location. He, then, had again shot at Levely-Flescher, which turned out to be the most fatal of all the other shots. Levely-Flescher’s medical reports had confirmed this.

The duo, after collecting the bag of drugs, ran away from the ravine and drove off. The pair had been arrested by Langley RCMP soon after the incident.

At the court, the MacPhai regrets his actions. He apologised to everyone present and especially the children who had been robbed of their mother

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