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A Man Seized Behind The Bar, For Manslaughter And Decomposing Victim’s Dead Body, By The Assist Of Others

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What extent can you go when you are drunk? Isn’t it evident that when you go to a party, you drink? What would you do when someone provokes you at that moment? Is that you will murder the person? No, you will not kill the person at least. But a Missouri man killed another man while returning from a party and not only murdered him but forced the other two witnesses to throw his dead body in a country road.

Witnesses Were Forced, To Help For Dumping Victim’s Body:

The witnesses told the police that the victim and the suspect had a word at the party, and after that, when they were driving home after the party the suspect named Henry Bridgeford of Noel, is a 25 years old man shot the victim who is Christian Zygmunt, 22 years old. the victim belonged to Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Bridgeford is charged for first-degree murder and is jailed by the police without any bond. The suspect has also been charged with armed criminal action and two counts of kidnapping as he forced the other two witnesses to drop the body of the victim in the country road.

Investigation Is On Way:

The two witnesses who were riding the vehicle along with the suspect and the victim had dropped the suspect at his home, after which they ran directly to the McDonald County Sheriff Michael Hall and reported about the incident that happened that Thursday after the party. Investigations are still pending that will determine the intensity of the crime as well as the motive behind the murder.

The police will reveal further investigations of the case after solving the motive. The crime rate in the US has been increasing nowadays, and so is the advancement in police investigation methods and forensics. Technology and other factors are helping find the culprits, and they are punished after they are sentenced at the court.


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