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Woman Being The Fatality Of Sexual Assault: Knotting Dog Collar In Neck, By A Eccentric Pair, Locking Her Captive

An unusual case of rape sexual assault and severe humiliation to a woman after the kidnapping. Two people are held responsible for the situation. A woman kidnapped the victim and kept her in a house. Later the women asked the victim to sell her body to earn money and pay her debt.

Victim Got Raped Multiple Times, Just Like Dog :

The women sold the victim to a man. This man raped the victim again and again and played the choking game with her. Nicholas Madrid, 37 years old, is charged with kidnapping, rape, sodomy, and unlawful use of a weapon on the victim. At the same time Tiffany Lentz, 33 years old, is charged with kidnapping, assault, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of a weapon on the victim.

Both of them are captured by the police and are ordered to be presented at the court. Madrid will be presented at the court on February 11 and Lentz will be represented on February 13. Both the culprits have also an appointment at the court on March 5.

The Painful Passed Story Of Victim:

The victim told the police that she was kidnapped by Lentz who is a resident of Kansas City. She was kept in a house in West Sylvania, where the victim heard her telling someone that she would pay her debts by forcing the victim to sell her body. The victim was detained at the house with zip ties around her waist and was given a medicine that made her feel drowsy and she used to get asleep.

Later she was handed over to a man who tied a dog leash and silver chain on the victim’s neck. He raped and assaulted the victim again and again. The victim took a chance and fled away from the house. She went to a nearby house where she contacted the police and was rescued. The suspects of the case shall be punished without any mercy for committing this inhuman act on a human.

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