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North Myrtle Beach Woman Found Guilty Of Tossing Her Two Little Babies In A Trash To Die

The woman was found guilty of killing two babies and throwing them in the trash rejected a plea deal that would have put her behind bars for three decades. Alyssa Dayvault, 31, was in Horry County court on Thursday as she was proven guilty on charges related to the killings. Police officials charged Dayvault with two counts of homicide by child abuse and two counts of desecration or removal of human remains.

What They Saw In The Scene-

Assistant Solicitor Cara Walker told the officials that they offered a deal that would have had Dayvault plead guilty to one count of the homicide of child abuse with a recommended sentence of 30 to 35 years. Her custody could now be called as early as April. The accused will faces life in prison if convicted at trial.

Moreover, Dayvault took care of the baby’s body in a waste receptacle at her home, according to the warrants. Officers discovered the remains in a trash bin at her North Myrtle Beach home. Dayvault stood in court wearing her blue jail jumpsuit and her hands and legs in shackles. She told that only during the hearing to say to the judge that she got to know the risks of taking her case to trial.

What The Reports Suggest-

According to the reports, Dayvault was admitted to Grand Strand Regional Hospital in the first week of December 2018 with heavy bleeding. She delivered the placenta, but there was no sign of a child. Medical officials informed the police, who spoke to Dayvault. She told that she gave birth to a baby boy days earlier at her North Myrtle Beach residence, according to the reports.

Although, Dayvault said the boy was born alive and took deep breaths, the warrants state. Dayvault didn’t took any medical attention and did not try to save the baby’s life, police reported. They also exclaimed by saying that while they were looking after the case, they learned a similar occurred in November 2017 when Dayvault gave birth to a girl. She didn’t take any medical attention and dumped the baby in a waste receptacle.

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