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Charge Filed Against Teen Who Accidentally Shot And Killed His Bestie While Smoking Marijuana

In Hammond, seven teens were chilling by smoking marijuana and playing with guns. However, they didn’t know that their chilling and playing will cost the life of one of their friend.

The convict said: “It was an accident.”

James Edwin Lasenby, an 18-year-old teen, has been charged for accidentally shooting and killing his friend. James told police that “we were sitting in the room when Dante Figueroa picked up the gun. Figueroa pointed the gun towards me. I tried to swing the gun around as I saw in a YouTube video, but bullet got fired accidentally.”

Figueroa 17 was taken soon to the hospital in Gary. It was the month of September, Figueroa died at 1:32 a.m.

According to the police, they were called to Lindberg Avenue in Hessville. Figueroa used to live there with his uncle.

“Figueroa was like my brother”: Lasenby

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There were other friends too with Lasenby and Figueroa as document states. According to Lasenby’s statement given to police, he considered Figueroa as his brother. He said he also sympathized Figueroa when he got kicked out of his house. In addition to that, he also states that he knew Figueroa’s cousin as well, who was his classmate.

Laysenby further told to police that he and his seven other friends were coming from the gas station. They decided to go to Figueroa’s house collectively. Some were playing at the garage, and some were at the bedroom of Figeruoa’s house.

One of their friends gave guns and bullets to Figueroa. He loaded them and started playing. Ultimately he pointed that towards Lasenby. He swings it around Figueroa and bullet fired accidentally.

After shooting, Figueroa’s cousin held and stuck a clip in the gun. Then all the kids started running here and there all over the house. Lasenby ran to other kids’ homes to call his father.

For now, Lasenby has been booked for the charge of accidentally shooting and killing his friend

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