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Arraigned Miles Away: Brooklyn Man Admitted Raping A 13-Year-Old Kid In Texas

The man did the crime and then admitted it, whether for the sake of justice or just to receive a plea deal. But, he did acknowledge of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old kid and is now seeing a massive chunk of his life being spent in the clink.

Accepted A Plea Bargain To Get Out Of A Larger Sentence

Jason Andrew Cavazos of Littlefield, Brooklyn was sentenced on Friday in Lubbock, Texas. He has been charged with 12 and-a-half years in prison in Lubbock Federal Court.

Reportedly, he accepted a plea bargain in October for the enticement of the minor. According to court records, he admitted that he engaged in a sexual activity without the consent of the 13-year-old girl. He raped the minor girl. At the time, Cavazos was 32-year-old and was already a registered sex offender.

He Knew Her Age, She Specifically Told Him 

Apparently, the victim and Cavazos met on Facebook and talked a lot there. The girl even told him her age but he still sent sexually explicit and suggestive messages. He knew the girl’s age but he was already a sex offender, so for him its not a big deal, rather a fetish.

They kept talking, and one day, they met friendly, but he forced himself on the girl and raped her. The girl then told her family, who later reported this crime against the man. Court records had the copy of the messages they both shared before the crime.

In addition to the already long 12-year sentence, he has to serve 20 years of supervised release. Right now, he was sent back to jail and there will be no bail hearings as he accepted a plea deal. The victim’s family never came forward so we don’t know their identity. And it is somehow for the best.

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