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A Female Middle School Teacher Allegedly Had Repeated Sex With Her Student While Her Own Kid Was At Home, Surrendered

The middle school teacher had a hot fling with one of her students. They have asked him to shut his mouth and then continued abusing the kid. The kid didn’t know any better as he was almost 18 years younger than her. Finally, the news broke, and the teacher turned herself in.

Started With School Emails

A 33-year-old Science teacher at Northwestern Middle School in Zachary, Ellarea Silva had an illegal fling with one of her students. This dangerous fling began when Silva emailed the teen using their school email addresses. Then the communication quickly moved over to personal emails so the school was not able to track them.

Silva allegedly sent nude pictures and videos of herself but intentionally kept her face hidden so she couldn’t be identified once thy kingdom come. The relationship moved on and became physical when Silva presented her want of having sex with the kid. According to the 15-year-old, Silva would pick him up from his home and then drive him to her house. There they would have sex while her kid was also there.

8 Or 9 Times While Her Kid Was Also There

The boy said they had sex some eight or nine times in her home and also Silva’s child was present in the house at the moment. Silva also allegedly gave vape to the boy with considerable amounts of THC, a component found in Marijuana.

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The teenager being infatuated by an adult woman, asked her to bring their relationship to public. To which the teacher denied her request and said they have to keep quiet because this can end her career and hurt her family.

Turned Herself In

On January 24, Zachary police confirmed that they became aware of the allegation and launched a joint investigation with East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.

Silva was placed on leave from the school on January 24; however, school officials and police did not disclose the nature of the investigation to the public.

Silva turned herself in to cops on Thursday, the day after the allegations were made available online. According to many people, the Zachary Schools Superintendent Scott Devillier covered everything in the rug and it was too late when the news was made public. Even people accused the Zachary police department for not making the news public sooner. There may have been more kids who were a victim of this kind of crimes and they have to be addressed too. And sometimes, they receive power when one case comes forward, and justice is delivered also. Now Silva is facing several charges including indecent behaviour with a juvenile, felony carnal knowledge and oral sexual battery.

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