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Notorious Cop Fatally Shoots Wife, Calls It Suicide Upon Investigation, Now Behind Bars

Police officers are expected to be the ones who keep a check on people. They are expected to behave in the most ideal ways. But a cop in Georgia did something that did not abide by the code of conduct of police officials.

The police officer has been identified as Michael Perrault, 44. He has been convicted for killing Amanda Perrault, 43. The shooting took place on Wednesday. Michael was an Eatonton police officer.

A Georgia police officer was arrested for murder on Wednesday. He was being taken in for allegedly shooting his wife. But he tried to hide this crime committed by him. He had tried to call the death of his wife a suicide.

Cop Has A Daughter

The person most affected by this is his 8-year-old daughter. She has lost her mother and even her father is behind bars being convicted for the death of her mother.

The Killing

Six days before Amanda was found dead in her home, her husband was charged with simple battery, family violence and cruelty to children for an incident which unfolded while their little daughter of 8 was home.

Amanda had told Putnam County deputies that she had been hit on her face by her husband. After investigation, the deputies found red marks on her chest and also interviewed a witness who backed her story.

Michael was released the following day. After this, he went on leave. According to officials, he called his boss rather than 911 after shooting his wife.

“Perrault had told him his wife had killed herself and we, of course, responded to the scene immediately,” said a police officer.

According to one of the officers, during the initial court hearing, the judge was interested in placing a no-contact order as a condition on Michael’s bond. But Amanda told the judge that he had nowhere to stay, and it was ok for him to come back home.

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