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Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Are Getting Hitched In April, Details Under Wraps

The spring-summer is kick starting with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom finally getting married. The couple has settled on a date, and it’s just around the corner.

The Couple Will Tie The Knot In April 

As per the sources, Perry and Bloom will say “I do” some time in the upcoming spring. The wedding day is coming close by the minute, and they are starting their married life sooner than ever.

Sources revealed that the wedding is set to take place in April. However, the wedding location hasn’t been published yet. Earlier rumours were that the couple initially planned to get married in the Disney World which would make nothing less than magic but then it was just a rumour. They had some timing issue with the location planned on previously as their wedding was to take place in December 2019.

Sources close to the couple revealed that they are “beyond in love” and are enjoying every minute of the wedding plannings.

“They’re going to have one local wedding party, and the other will be a destination wedding party,” the source said.

The Couple Didn’t Want To Jump Right Into The Wedding After Getting Engaged

Orlando proposed to Perry in February 2019 during drooling romantic Valentine’s Day proposal. He gave her a drop-dead gorgeous ruby and diamond engagement ring.

Soon after, Perry broke the news to her fans via Instagram and showed her ring to all.

Orlando posted the same on his Snapchat and captioned it “lifetimes”.

Sources said that the couple didn’t want to jump right into the wedding immediately after getting engaged. They wanted to enjoy their engagement and wait for the right time to get married.

Katy Perry Plans To Have Kids Soon After The Wedding 

As the couple has kick-started their wedding plan, they are also planning to have a family soon after their wedding too. Sources close to the couple revealed that Katy wants to have her first kid soon after the wedding.

Even though the curiosity for the details of the weddings is increasing, this could be the wedding of all of our dreams and we wish nothing less than a lifetime of happiness to the couple.


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