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Elementary Accused For Gender Discrimination For Restricting A Male Student From Wearing Earrings To School

The story is from Houston, Texas, where the mother of a 6-year-old child had questioned the policies of an Elementary school when they reportedly told her son not to wear earrings to school or put band-aids on.

The School Has Reportedly Discriminated The Child Based On His Gender 

Natasha Valdiviesco, the child’s mother moved to Houston from Miami. She admitted her child to Heflin Elementary School where her son Pedro Hargrove was told to take off his earrings. Else he was to place band-aids on them.

She said she was wondering if she has to be religious for her son to be accepted in school. She said she made him feel different as if wearing earrings was a crime.

“Why are they making him feel so different? Like wearing earrings is bad, like it’s a crime,” said Natasha.

She reported that the school made Pedro feel unsure about himself. She later learned that other schools didn’t have the same issue with boys wearing earrings. She said she was initially under the impression that no one was allowed to wear earrings. But later she realised that the rule is only for the boys.

“One of my friends said, ‘Why do you have Band-Aids?'” Pedro told ABC13. “I said, ‘Because the office teacher said you couldn’t wear earrings.'”

“I found out girls can wear earrings to school,” she said. “I was under the impression that no child can wear earrings to school. So, I said, ‘If girls can wear them, why can’t boys wear earrings?’ So, now you guys are doing gender discrimination as well.”

She is fighting against the school to make necessary changes in the policies.

Alief ISD Released The Statement On The Case

“AISD Board Policy regarding dress code states that “earrings are not permitted to be worn by male students in elementary, intermediate, or middle school. High school students who wear earrings must avoid those who present a safety hazard or detraction. Gauges/ear stretchers, symbols (reflecting gang affiliation, drugs, alcohol, evil ideologies, etc.) and chains are not permitted.” In realizing that this policy was last updated in 2007, we will review the rule during our annual Student Code of Conduct Committee Review as we begin preparing for the 2020/2021 School Year. However, we do adhere to religious exemptions. If this is the case, the parent will submit in writing their request and reasoning, and the campus will keep the application on file for future reference.”

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