Brain disorders are of various types. Their severity ranges from one person to person. In a rare brain disorder, a girl ends up losing control over her body after giggling or laughing. As a result of which she collapses now and then.

This condition of hers has drawn her away from jokes. She distanced herself from her funny friends.

Suffers From Cataplexy

The teen is Billie Hodgson, 17, who suffers from a rare disorder known as cataplexy. This condition comes under the category of sudden paralysis that can surface when one giggle.

According to doctors, her unusual ailment is a complication of narcolepsy. This condition hounds around 22, 500 Britons. In addition to being triggered by giggling, it can be triggered by excitement, anger, or even surprise.

“I am Bubbly”

Billie calls herself a bubbly girl. She loves laughing and being with friends. But this condition of hers has distanced her from her friends. “I am a bubbly person, so to go from that to feeling like I cannot laugh is strange. I feel like I can’t be me. My friends try not to be funny, and if they make me laugh, they feel like they have to apologize to me,” she said.

She tries to avoid indulging in discussing funny topics with friends. She said, “When I am with them, I tend not to be involved in funny situations to avoid my condition and especially in front of those who are not as familiar with me.”

But Billie is a very open-minded girl. She does not her condition, lower her self-esteem. She remains forever positive, and she has embraced her situation with a positive outlook.

“We joke about it like friends do because it is a funny thing in itself, and I have to make light of it,” said Billie.


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