Young Rapper Kills Mother For Hard Cash And Fame, Gets Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison In Chicago


The story is from Chicago, where a Rapper’s hunger for riches and fame made him kill her mother. The upcoming rapper whose stage name is Young QC, real name Qaw’mane Wilson hired a hitman to kill his mother, Yolanda Holmes.

Reportedly, he was her only child and gave him everything he wanted. But, he wanted more and killed his mother for her insurance money and savings.

As per the police reports, he has been sentenced to 99 years of jail time.

Cars And Jewellery Were Not Enough For The Young Rapper

Wilson was the only child to his mother, Yolanda. She gave him everything he wished for.

She got him a car, jewellery and made arrangements for him to have steady employment.

Little did she know that this will not be enough for her son.

As per reports, Wilson was in too much hurry to get a big break for his rapping career by showing off his wealth. To do the same, he needed his mother’s insurance money and her savings to flaunt.

Rapper Threw $20,000 On His Friends And Fans

In 2012, Wilson hired Eugene Spencer to kill his mother.
Spencer went with Wilson’s girlfriend to Yolanda’s home. She was asleep in her bed when they shot her.

Responding to the shot, Yolanda’s boyfriend tried to fight Spencer, but he hit him. He fell unconscious on the bed.

Reportedly, Spencer called Wilson after the incident, and he told him to make sure that his mother is dead.

“Make sure the bi**h is dead.”

Soon after, Spencer stabbed Yolanda.

In a Youtube video that was posted on his account in 2013 showed that he walked into a Chase Bank and withdrew $20,000.

On the same night, he went to a club and threw money in the air to flaunt to his friends and fans.

Charges Against Wilson

When Wilson was presented in the court, he said, “I want to say, nobody loved my mother more than me. She was all I had. That’s it.”

He was sentenced to 99 years of jail time along with Spencer who was sentenced to 100 years.


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